Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Arium ECM 50

Acquisition of the day

Arium ECM 50 ICE for Pentium 3 systems.  With the right PDB, you could debug Xeon or Pentium 3, (desktop and Mobile) parts.

Came with a regular PDB, and a mobile target.  I think these are for P3's.   I'll have to dig up a +5 power supply somewhere.

Sram and flash
MT48lc4m16a2  1M x 16 Sram
Freescale / Motorola Power MPC 855
A blip about the use of this chip, and capabilities.  The ECM 50's main board was set up to allow for attachment to ICE which could debug the 855 as well.

Altera EP20K200EFC484-3
 Altera ASIC which handled breakpoints, and generation of jtag to the target chip (via the PDB)

Number of Logic Elements/Cells 8320
Number of LABs/CLBs 832 
Total RAM Bits 106496
Number of I/O 376 
Number of Gates 526000

ISSI 4mb sram


  1. Actually your probes are for Pentium 4 and Pentium M.

    1. I worked for Arium and did the Pentium 3 on these PBDs. Until they update the interface, the ECM-50 supports P3, P4, etc., as well as Itanium. I did all of the Itanium support, but Arium withdrew it as a product.

      Different PBD's of course.