Thursday, February 25, 2016

PDP8/A boards

Two printer controllers for PDP8

M8416-BB 32k mos memory

2 cpu board sets.  M8315, M8316, M8317

M8316 Option board

M8315 PDP8/A Cpu board

M8315 PDP8/A Cpu board

M8317 Bootstrap / option

M8317 Bootstrap / option

LPQ01 controller

LPQ01 controller

M8342 Centronix Printer Controller



M8417-BB 32K mos memory

Mostek MK4027N-3 4096x1 dynamic memory chips
32k memory board 4096x1 memory chips 16 x 12 = 32k x 12 memory

Monday, February 22, 2016

PCP11E Qbus board

This board has a z80, a bit of memory, 2 Zilog 8420 Parallel I/O chips and a Counter Timer, Z80 CTC I/O chip.  40 pin connector off the edge to some sort of device.

AM9016EPC chips make up 16K of ram

DEC 19-13040-00 DC005 Transceiver logic chips are at U5,7,8,9, and 10

ECO applied to one of the Transceiver logic chips (U10) (pin 15)  Appears to go to one of the switch U7 positions.

DEC 19-12730-00 DC003 Interrupt logic chip is at U3

Dec Chip reference is here on Bitsavers CHIPKIT

Below are pictures of the overall board front and back, then various features

Monday, February 15, 2016

Reference information links

Olivetti Programma 101

PDP 8, 11, etc. Kerten site.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

PDP 8/A system chassis

PDP 8/A 400 BP system chassis.

Krten PDP 8/A reference page  PDP8A

System configuration from DEC

System box with G8018 M840 plus Autotech board (unmarked)

M840 and Autotech board pull tab legends

Autotech etch etch side legend in etch

Unmarked autotech board

Left side of autotech board, IC markings removed

Right side of Autotech board, IC legends removed

Closeup showing ICs left side

center of boards showing ICs with legends removed

right side ICs Autotech board

Chassis backplane, quad sections on top, hex middle, quad bottom

cables for paper tape reader punch M840 board

System Badge 8A400 BP

PDP8/A system boards

M8315, M8316, and M8317

G850 16K memory H219B
G849 8K memory H219A

Doug Jones Info on 8A  PDP8A

Programmers Front Panel

Logo, ADDR display

End of rear of front panel

Connection to system cag

Front Panel Service Tag


M8317 option switches


M8315 Option switches


M8316 option (presumably baud rate)

16K core

8K core