Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Honeywell 440

Front panel from a Honeywell 440.

Here is bitsavers documentation for a Honeywell 400, which seems to be a 48 bit device.  This panel shows two 24 bit registers, so may be the same device. The manual is for the system assembler.


Minimum system PDP 11

Minimum card / component count PDP 11 system, and monitor to attach to video card.

PDP 11/20 11/15

PDP 11/20 and 11/15 card allocation, and a system built up from parts.

Warehouse Inventory 1

Lots of miscellaneous.  But U might get a kick out of the Honeywell 440 front panel.  Its the largest in my collection.

I don't remember whether the Pertec came from the TI-990/10, which has a Tape Controller or the PDP-11/34.  The TI has a 6 foot cabinet and so does the 34.  It is sitting in the 34's cabinet, but that may not be original; those memories are cloudy.

The HP 7974 is and was always standalone; it has the GPIB I/F.

The rollarounds are from DEC WPS278's or COS-3X0 office stuff.  They have 2 RX-0's but could hold four; it have two of those.  I found a VT-278 DecMate II that I had forgotten.  I had more but reduced them to cards.  I should hollow one out and put a QBus cage in the bottom.

I saw two more TU-56's [one half-unit?] and a fourth PDP-8E; there are two TU-55's in the PDP-12.  With the 2 in the garage, that's @ least 6.

Again, 4th 8E: there are non-descript cages, some loose backplanes and cards everywhere.  Somewhere, there should be a second 8M; one of the cages/front panels is part of an 8A.

The HP 115 belongs in my HP 1xx stack; that's about 1 half-dozen machines.  It's more if I count the old 100 carcasses.

Note SEL 810A Systems Engineering Laboratories