Monday, August 29, 2016

PDP 11/84 system

Ebay Dec PDP-11/84-AA 10.5 inch box, with H7202Ka

Box was missing a 8191, which is the Unibus bridge board.
A terminator, M7677 was in the customary slot for that board.

Dec fieldguide.html


Dec PDP-11/84-AA complete box, with 

M7677                Monitor and testpoint board
M8190 CPU            KDJ11-B   11/84 CPU: J11 CPU 15MHz
M8637 Mem            MSV11-JB   1-Mbyte ECC PMI RAM with CSR
M7656 x 2,VSV21-AA   Colour graphics module: M68K processor, HD63486

M8181,     MKB11-EM  11/74 mapping box
M7819      DZ11-A    8-line double-buffered async EIA
With RM rails. 


Spare part from another auction:

Vintage-Digital-Equipment-PDP11-84-Operator-Panel 70-21888-0

Front Panel

There may be some mods to this board, certainly some jumpers


From another system on the VCFed board

Thread about 11/84

Comment about the contents of the system below:

Okay, so immediately I can confirm slots 1-4 are correct as listed on the chart
Slot 5 should have an M3105 but contains a G7273 so that's been removed.
Slot 6 should have an M7754 but contains an emulex CU1110401 card (no idea on what that is).
Slot 7 should have an M7762 but has another G7273 installed.
Slot 8 should have an M3105 but has another G7273 installed.
Slot 9 should have an M7273 but has an M7485 installed.
Slot 10 should have an M7258 but has an M7486 installed. (okay, so I do have the controller for the drive)
Slot 11 should have a G7273 but has an Emulex TU1210401. One of the connectors have a piece of tape on it marked " From 11/44"
Slot 12 should have an M9302, G7273, and an M87556 and they are all there.
I should technically redo the chart but it's all done in pen so I can't erase and modify it.
I want to plug in an M7093 and M8722 to tweak the specs a little. All you gotta do is plug them into a slot and they should work, right?


Conservatique site 11/84

Very nice view allowing view of the card numbers.  No info though.

Looking up cards, however, appears to be ethernet card M7521, and a card with a couple of 50 pin cables out to a 50 pin centronix.  Third party, possibly Emulex.  Is Quad high, so not sure if that is compatible with that or not.  Rest is similar to other two systems.


M8191 KTJ11-B

Programmable part in socket
Left end of board
center of board
Right end of board


Sunday, August 21, 2016

Tupolev TU-4 Load Adjuster

The Tupolev TU-4 was a cloned B-29 developed in the late 40's by the Russians.

This is a load and balance used by load masters for the aircraft to balance the distribution of loads on the aircraft.

Below is a TU-4 load adjuster compared to a B-29.  The material is identical, and the slides are physically interchangeable between the two, though the scales are a bit off.

Also the TU-4 measurements are in metric, KG and CM in most cases.

The reason this caused a stir was that it was a duplicate of the only at the time proven nuclear device delivery aircraft in existence.  Though the US had developed the high altitude bombing aircraft, there was damn little that they could do to counter an attack by that type of aircraft for some years.