Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Spartan 3 million gate development board, Xilinx for 360/30 (2030) processor.

This is the development board which will run a 360.30 emulation developed by Lawrence Wilkerson.

I have been in contact with him, and needed to get one of these as they are now past EOL and no longer being made.  This one should be binary compatible with his work and get me started much higher in the food chain playing with these devices than other samples out there.

It was also necessary to purchase a Jtag device for programming the board.  Most important this board supports not only the emulation of the 360 but a VGA display device.  Also has an integrated display to help debugging, as well as switches for the console.

Boresite for Fastair camera

This is a boresite for focusing fastair cameras.  It is a standin for the camera wherever the camera may be positioned and need to be focuses.

The front bit of the black optical tube has a lens with a crosshair etched in the flat surface there.  The opposite end is an eyepiece thru which you can focus and view the eyepiece.  There is a two piece draw tube focuser which is secured by the two set thumb screws on the right side.

It is all in a a nice Wollensak wood case for storage.