Monday, December 19, 2016

One Inch TV sets

I have two 1" tv sets in the collection, one Sinclair, and one Panasonic Travelvision.

Panasonic Travelvision

This youtube video shows a panasonic like the one I have.

1982 Panasonic Travelvision

 Sinclair TV

A bit of information from another site.

Model: Micro Vision MTV1 MTV1A - Sinclair Radionics Ltd.
Modern plastics (no Bakelite or Catalin) 
Very small Portable or Pocket Set (Handheld) < 8 inch. 
Sinclair MTV1 (MTV1A);
First European pocket b/w TV set, 2" Telefunken CRT;
Multistandard electronic VHF-/UHF tuner with standards CCIR B/C/G/M-(USA)/I-(UK); 
Built in accucells + extern 6 V/12 V. Telescopic antenna and UHF dipol.
There were a sticker with FTZ number and "MTV1A" type in german language on MTV1 labeled units - technical differences unknown (probably disconnected ext. antenna in?). 
Price first year of sale  $400.00