Monday, July 25, 2016

Z time Naval Aviator logbook and Knights Templar medal.

An interesting auction lot showed up today with a Naval Aviator logbook, a set of spats, and a Knights Templar medal.

I'll have to find out the uniform kit for the KT membership, since they may be to that rather than a formal uniform of the Navy.  I've not seen spats officially part of a US uniform, but there is no telling.

Here is the medal, which I think is the KT medal in this article.


If anyone has any opinions, I don't know if I'll get in notification of a comment, so if you can figure out my email I'm interested in info on the thing.

Ebay sale (while it lasts)

Logbook, Spats, and Medal

Spats and medal

Button side of spats


Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Nova 3 Front panel

Ebay purchase of a somewhat abused Nova 3 front panel.

It was harvested for most all of its light bulbs, and took a shot to 4 switches., of which 2 fell off.

The bezel is in good shape.  The selector switch knob is missing.

Here are links to some restoration / repair efforts by others.  Luckily there seem to have been a few.

Video of live one: restoreation page:

This shot here pretty much matches mine:

This is some sort of chip with Nova 3 in the name of the jpg

Eclipse uses same plastic, different sticker.

Nova 4 and another Eclipse shared this style plastic

Our buddies at so much stuff have an STL file for switches:
   finally all their stl files, etc.

Component Guide for DG parts referenced below courtesy of Vincent Slyngstad


End of panel, holes for selector and power switch.  P/N 002-004544

One of two indicators not removed

IC needs to be ID'ed.  The 7651 is probably the date code.  Need the manufacturer and what a 630 chip is.
The Fox restoration pages seem to have chips with the 3/4 circle log, and nothing wrong.  My board has all 7400 series, some DG components, and the ITT ceramic chips.

DG 040 Dual 4 input nand gate
DG 630 Quaduple 2 input Positive NAND Buffer W/Open Collector outputs.
DG 004 Triple 3 input NAND Gate

Probably roms, need to look ITT 9004-5D

Other remaining bulb

quick shot of panel from right end

Selector switch, and power switch