Monday, December 19, 2016

One Inch TV sets

I have two 1" tv sets in the collection, one Sinclair, and one Panasonic Travelvision.

Panasonic Travelvision

This youtube video shows a panasonic like the one I have.

1982 Panasonic Travelvision

 Sinclair TV

A bit of information from another site.

Model: Micro Vision MTV1 MTV1A - Sinclair Radionics Ltd.
Modern plastics (no Bakelite or Catalin) 
Very small Portable or Pocket Set (Handheld) < 8 inch. 
Sinclair MTV1 (MTV1A);
First European pocket b/w TV set, 2" Telefunken CRT;
Multistandard electronic VHF-/UHF tuner with standards CCIR B/C/G/M-(USA)/I-(UK); 
Built in accucells + extern 6 V/12 V. Telescopic antenna and UHF dipol.
There were a sticker with FTZ number and "MTV1A" type in german language on MTV1 labeled units - technical differences unknown (probably disconnected ext. antenna in?). 
Price first year of sale  $400.00

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Friday, November 18, 2016

Data General Nova 3 CPU board

Nova 3 CPU board from Nova 3 system

overall view of the board

View of an grouping of 24 pin chips
 The 4 chips with 2 16 pin DIPs between them are 74S181 4 bit ALU's so this is a '181 processor for math

Grouping of pals on right side of board

right side edge card connector.  shows some more pals

Grouping of 8 pin dips on the left side, top of photo is left edge card

ECO tag on the bottom of the board

IC's between the 8 pin grouping mentioned on left side of board, and the ALU photo

Datum controller 4091 for Diablo 30 on Data General Nova (3)

The Datum controller in the DG Nova 3 was a Datum 4091 optioned for the Diablo 30 drive.

Looks like acquiring one of those, or an emulator may be in order to gen up a working system.

Option sticker

Part number 4091-NDC

Datum logo on component side etch

Clipping about the Datum controllers from Computer World

Bitsavers link to Datum catalog mentioning the controller subsystem.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Data General Nova 3

A nice small system Nova 3, 2 16K core boards, and basic I/O card.

Seller had powered it on to hear the fans run, maybe not a good thing, but will see.

Nova 3 System

Card cage, CPU bottom, 2 16K core, Basic I/O

I/O connections on back

Legend on back of system (unverifed for now, other than type of board)

Basic I/O and two 16K boards, showing etch info

Processor board

A link to a page for the Datum 4091 controller for the Diablo 30 in this system is here.

Nova 3 CPU board

Link to page for the Nova 3 CPU in the system is here

Friday, November 4, 2016

Neon OSGLIM 73 neon bulb

Bulb with neon arc.

Legend on the bulb

OSGLIM              73        NOT TO BE BURNT WITHOUT


I have two of these, one with the legend unreadable  In the photos below some of the bits of the legend can be made out, but one needs the bulb to actually decipher it.


Thursday, October 27, 2016

TM-500, TM-5000 modules

A set of TM-500 test plugins and frames listed here.

TM 5006, FG5010, DC5010 x 2

TM5006 portable, SG505, DC500, PS503A x 2, DM502A

TM506 rackmount, AM501, DC503, SG505, PG506, DM502A

DC5009 for TM 5006 programmable counter

TM503 x 3

FG 5010 programmable 20MHz Function Generator

DC5010 Programmable Universal Counter Timer 1 of 2

DC5010 Programmable Universal Counter Timer 2 of 2

SG505 Oscillator, DC509 Universal Counter / Timer

PS503A Dual Power Supply x 2

DM502A Autoranging DMM

AM501 Operational Amplifier, DC503 Universal Counter

PG508 50Mhz Pulse Generator

DM502A Autoranging DMM

TM5009 Universal Counter/Timer

SG505 Oscillator

SM509 Universal Counter/Timer

PS503A Dual Power Supply

PS503 Dual Power Supply

DM502A Autoranging DMM

AM501 Operational Amplifier

TM503 Universal Counter

SG505 Oscillator

PG508 50Mhz Pulse Generator

DM502A Autoranging DMM

TM503 frame

Male end 067-0645-02 TM500 extender cable

Female end 067-0645-02 TM500 extender cable

Cable detail, one 40pin ribbon, other may be coax

Rear of TM5006

Rear of TM5006

TM5006 S/N B020417 Option 2