Thursday, December 24, 2015

Wang 320K Calculator Head (nixie display, and keyboard only)

This is the head to a Wang 320K calculator.  It is only a couple of circuit boards which has two circuit boards which have the keyboard, and the Nixie display tubes attached.

The head to electronics cable is missing.

Main view

Nixie Tubes

Nixie Display

Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory

Los Alamos National Laboratories was LASL prior to being renamed and repurposed.

Nixie display tubes

Nixie Display Tubes

Wang Laboratories 320K

Service TAg

Service tag inside bottom cover

Bottom Cover with product sticker (missing feet)

Display board (bottom), Keyboard (top)
Open connector would have had a cable to go to the electronics unit.  Frequently one calculator electronics module would have several of these heads attached with multi user capability.

I don't know that this one was programmable, it may be a simpler model.  Some had card readers which would read statically a single Hollerith card punched on a keypunch to load a program.


This is a 6 high DEC KDJ processor board.  It seems like it could be an 11/84 processor, which is Unibus, but the layout doesn't match.  This board is Unibus as well, not QBUS like the 11/83

Attached are some shots of a document, and two pages of layout info from schematics.

Made in Japan with quite a bit of the document in Japanese.

Photo of board and scan of manual to follow.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Olivetti Programma 101 coding form sheet

Rotated to portrait

Olivetti Programma 101 spares set

Spare boards for the Olivetti Programma 101.

Some of these are physically challenged.    It looks feasible to fab up duplicates for the damaged units, but tedious.  These are all similar to Gemini spacecraft, but with one end of the modules embedded into the actual board, and the upper interconnect on small boards.

Gemini boards I've seen contain similar technology, but the modules are free standing and are connected into the interconnect base backplane, so theoretically one could move them around.

These seem to be the relevent part numbers.

board 7 is heavily damaged, but the base board appears intact.

Board 3 took a hit, may have broken some diodes, may need disassembly and repair.

Board 1 has some issues on the right end (as photographed)







PDP 11/73 (x2)

Acquired two of these, which seem compete.

Pulls from some time ago badged for system which they were embedded in.

They appear to contain a DMA channel of some sort, but otherwise have hard disk and floppies.

Preliminary survey of boards:

Rear view of one system (top) front of other.  Floppy drive is missing flap on one system

Inventory (Top to bottom)
M8190-AB  (quad)
M8190-AB    KDJ11-BB    Q   J11 CPU 15MHz with 2 boot & diagnostic ROMs
M8190-AB                    FPJ11 compatibility (warm floating point, but
M8190-AB                    will accept FPA)
M8190-AB        Refs: EK-KDJ1B-UG, uNOTE N#039

M8067-LF   (quad)
M8067-LA    MSV11-PL    Q   512-Kbyte MOS memory with parity CSR
M8067-LA                    (Also M8067-LC, -LF, -LH, -LJ, -LP, -LV)

M3104  (quad)
M3104       DHV11-A     Q   8-line Asynchronous Multiplexor, with DMA
M3104           Refs: EK-DHV11-TM, EK-DHV11-MC, MP-01783, ZJ362-RZ
M3104           Refs: uNOTE N#041

M7651  (dual)   M9047  (dual)
M7651       DRV11-WA    Q   18/22-bit DMA general purpose parallel interface
M7651           Refs: EK-DRVWA-UG, MP-01582, ZJ244-RZ, uNOTE N#041

M9047                   Q   Grant continuity (also M9047-SA, -SF)

M8639-YB  (quad)
M8639-YB    RQDX2       Q   RD51/52 & RX50 MFM Disk control module, can
M8639-YB                    be expanded  (must be final DMA device in bus)
M8639-YB        Refs: EK-RQDX2-UG, MP-01731, uNOTE N#043

(*n) indicates quad slot# from top

DMA channel and grant card nestled in the bus.

Front Panel

System contains an RZ disk, as well as dual floppies.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Load Adjuster for HSS-1 helicopter

The load adjuster for aircraft is used to spot the payloads on military aircraft to maximize use of the capacity of the airframe.  Most commercial aircraft do not have to deal with near maximum loads in a lot of different configurations, and usually follow different rules.  At most moving passengers seating or restricting loading of baggage to certain areas will balance an aircraft.

Other controls with commercial aircraft involve managing which fuel to consume as well.

But with military and other aircraft large loads near capacity may occur which are different for each mission.

This device allows the loadmaster or pilot to verify that loads are proper for safe military operation.  Military operations allow for operation beyond ordinary limits when necessary, so load balancers and other training inform the crew what they can do without converting a mission into a one way one.

This is the first one I've gotten I could trace to a specific aircraft (or I suspect I have).  Rather than the contract number being the number that traced this aircraft, the c/n number appears to be more accurate.

I think this entry is the aircraft which would have received this unit.

138467 (c/n 58-146) to Vietnam

The unit is as near new as I've ever gotten.  It also includes the instruction manual, as well as the mounting clip to hold it on the aircraft.

I am wondering if "to Vietnam" means these had ownership transferred to the Vietnamese Navy.

Monday, December 7, 2015

PDP 11/03-L

PDP 11/03-L

This is at this time a BA-11 chassis with no cards.  H786 Power supply

Sunday, December 6, 2015

PDP 11/23 system 768K (256K + 512K) memory, cables

New arrival.  Blown mains fuse, and some investigating to do.

8 slot backplane chassis, H768 power supply module

Dec board chips Mostek MK4564N-150
M8067 512K Qbus board, populated to 256K

National Semiconductors memory board
Populated to 512k
Bitsavers National Semi NS23

Memory array on National Semiconductors board.  MC4164

 M8189 processor board

KDF11 BA (4high) processor

M8189 processor board switchs

Manual page 26, 2-2

Connector block on M8189 processor board

Power panel

H786 Power supply

H786 power supply