Sunday, December 20, 2015

Olivetti Programma 101 spares set

Spare boards for the Olivetti Programma 101.

Some of these are physically challenged.    It looks feasible to fab up duplicates for the damaged units, but tedious.  These are all similar to Gemini spacecraft, but with one end of the modules embedded into the actual board, and the upper interconnect on small boards.

Gemini boards I've seen contain similar technology, but the modules are free standing and are connected into the interconnect base backplane, so theoretically one could move them around.

These seem to be the relevent part numbers.

board 7 is heavily damaged, but the base board appears intact.

Board 3 took a hit, may have broken some diodes, may need disassembly and repair.

Board 1 has some issues on the right end (as photographed)


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