Thursday, December 24, 2015

Wang 320K Calculator Head (nixie display, and keyboard only)

This is the head to a Wang 320K calculator.  It is only a couple of circuit boards which has two circuit boards which have the keyboard, and the Nixie display tubes attached.

The head to electronics cable is missing.

Main view

Nixie Tubes

Nixie Display

Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory

Los Alamos National Laboratories was LASL prior to being renamed and repurposed.

Nixie display tubes

Nixie Display Tubes

Wang Laboratories 320K

Service TAg

Service tag inside bottom cover

Bottom Cover with product sticker (missing feet)

Display board (bottom), Keyboard (top)
Open connector would have had a cable to go to the electronics unit.  Frequently one calculator electronics module would have several of these heads attached with multi user capability.

I don't know that this one was programmable, it may be a simpler model.  Some had card readers which would read statically a single Hollerith card punched on a keypunch to load a program.

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