Thursday, May 3, 2018

Friendlyarm Nanopi Neo2 Starter system.

This is a nice enclosed metal case quad core Allwinner H5 processor.

This is a photo of the unit in visible light, then photos of the unit from various angles in IR with a Flir Pro camera.


Neo 2

81 degrees

84.8 degrees

88.8 degrees

90.3 degrees

91 degrees


Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Basic Four board set

This seems to be a 16 bit Basic Four processor set.  It's in unusable condition (most likely), and hopefully will yield up the firmware at least.

The possibility it being a 16 bit superset of the 1600 is due to it having 4 74181 ALU chips.  It was designed just shy of the advent of the 2901, which I believe was the next step in the Basic Four / MAI designs of CPUs.

There are 4 total boards in the scrap set, one with the firmware (Intel mask roms), the board with the 74181's (probably the Data board) one with a lot of logic, and a final one with two large connectors out the back (maybe a path to control panel)?

Will have to see if anyone has more Basic Four information.

Firmware chips.

DPS 8 system test attachment. Possibly Multics

This was found in a gold scrap listing, and sadly isn't much more useful than that.  However it does have references in the DPS8 manual.

Also on with OCR.  I didn't find an OCR'd version on bitsavers.

Front View PSIA NSAJB board

back of the test board.

HIS symbol on board

Monday, December 11, 2017

Data General Eclipse front panel

This is a nice buy off of Ebay.  It happens to use the same plastic casting as the Nova 3 front panel bezel (of which there are three in stock).

It didn't say which model, but I'm suspecting S-120 or such unless corrected.

Also the seller nicely left the key with it, or didn't notice it, so there is a genuine (I'm guessing) DG key.  I had just gotten a replacement Ace for the Nova 1200s, so now have keys for all of the ones with key on / off.

Key is in this bag

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Perkin Elmer 36 inch F8

Perkin Elmer 36" F/8 lens.

K38 Shutter  by Fairchild

Back Focus 18.052"
FF 21.461

The following is from an Ebay auction
for a full lens assembly

Here for comparison is a Perkin Elmer
36" F/4 lens from an SR71 camera

Minc 11 system

This will be the repository for photos and documentation links for the Minc11 system, documentation, and software.

Photos for now.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Dec (Digital Equipment Corp) clone vendor K&T or KT boards

I encountered and my acquire a pile of DEC boards from KT or K&T (one paper tag mentioned this).

It's a vendor that currently doesn't ring a bell (will update this when figured out).

There a large pile of probably custom system boards, and a board with 32k x 17 bits + 64k x 17 bits  (4116 and 4164 chips resp.) in the pile.

Also several boards with 6820 and 6800 processors on  Flip Chip boards.

All are hex high boards.  Some have 4 populated connectors with two flip chip spots blank, some have 5 (skipping one of the possible power slots).

Photos below, taken quickly today.

has 6800


has a cpu on it, also 6800

the 6800

IIRC these are 6820s

the 6820s

the parallel i/o 6820s