Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Nova 3 Front panel

Ebay purchase of a somewhat abused Nova 3 front panel.

It was harvested for most all of its light bulbs, and took a shot to 4 switches., of which 2 fell off.

The bezel is in good shape.  The selector switch knob is missing.

Here are links to some restoration / repair efforts by others.  Luckily there seem to have been a few.

Video of live one: restoreation page:

This shot here pretty much matches mine:

This is some sort of chip with Nova 3 in the name of the jpg

Eclipse uses same plastic, different sticker.

Nova 4 and another Eclipse shared this style plastic

Our buddies at so much stuff have an STL file for switches:
   finally all their stl files, etc.

Component Guide for DG parts referenced below courtesy of Vincent Slyngstad


End of panel, holes for selector and power switch.  P/N 002-004544

One of two indicators not removed

IC needs to be ID'ed.  The 7651 is probably the date code.  Need the manufacturer and what a 630 chip is.
The Fox restoration pages seem to have chips with the 3/4 circle log, and nothing wrong.  My board has all 7400 series, some DG components, and the ITT ceramic chips.

DG 040 Dual 4 input nand gate
DG 630 Quaduple 2 input Positive NAND Buffer W/Open Collector outputs.
DG 004 Triple 3 input NAND Gate

Probably roms, need to look ITT 9004-5D

Other remaining bulb

quick shot of panel from right end

Selector switch, and power switch

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