Sunday, August 21, 2016

Tupolev TU-4 Load Adjuster

The Tupolev TU-4 was a cloned B-29 developed in the late 40's by the Russians.

This is a load and balance used by load masters for the aircraft to balance the distribution of loads on the aircraft.

Below is a TU-4 load adjuster compared to a B-29.  The material is identical, and the slides are physically interchangeable between the two, though the scales are a bit off.

Also the TU-4 measurements are in metric, KG and CM in most cases.

The reason this caused a stir was that it was a duplicate of the only at the time proven nuclear device delivery aircraft in existence.  Though the US had developed the high altitude bombing aircraft, there was damn little that they could do to counter an attack by that type of aircraft for some years.

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