Monday, August 29, 2016

PDP 11/84 system

Ebay Dec PDP-11/84-AA 10.5 inch box, with H7202Ka

Box was missing a 8191, which is the Unibus bridge board.
A terminator, M7677 was in the customary slot for that board.

Dec fieldguide.html


Dec PDP-11/84-AA complete box, with 

M7677                Monitor and testpoint board
M8190 CPU            KDJ11-B   11/84 CPU: J11 CPU 15MHz
M8637 Mem            MSV11-JB   1-Mbyte ECC PMI RAM with CSR
M7656 x 2,VSV21-AA   Colour graphics module: M68K processor, HD63486

M8181,     MKB11-EM  11/74 mapping box
M7819      DZ11-A    8-line double-buffered async EIA
With RM rails. 


Spare part from another auction:

Vintage-Digital-Equipment-PDP11-84-Operator-Panel 70-21888-0

Front Panel

There may be some mods to this board, certainly some jumpers


From another system on the VCFed board

Thread about 11/84

Comment about the contents of the system below:

Okay, so immediately I can confirm slots 1-4 are correct as listed on the chart
Slot 5 should have an M3105 but contains a G7273 so that's been removed.
Slot 6 should have an M7754 but contains an emulex CU1110401 card (no idea on what that is).
Slot 7 should have an M7762 but has another G7273 installed.
Slot 8 should have an M3105 but has another G7273 installed.
Slot 9 should have an M7273 but has an M7485 installed.
Slot 10 should have an M7258 but has an M7486 installed. (okay, so I do have the controller for the drive)
Slot 11 should have a G7273 but has an Emulex TU1210401. One of the connectors have a piece of tape on it marked " From 11/44"
Slot 12 should have an M9302, G7273, and an M87556 and they are all there.
I should technically redo the chart but it's all done in pen so I can't erase and modify it.
I want to plug in an M7093 and M8722 to tweak the specs a little. All you gotta do is plug them into a slot and they should work, right?


Conservatique site 11/84

Very nice view allowing view of the card numbers.  No info though.

Looking up cards, however, appears to be ethernet card M7521, and a card with a couple of 50 pin cables out to a 50 pin centronix.  Third party, possibly Emulex.  Is Quad high, so not sure if that is compatible with that or not.  Rest is similar to other two systems.


M8191 KTJ11-B

Programmable part in socket
Left end of board
center of board
Right end of board


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