Saturday, September 17, 2016

Bell & Howell 70 model Filmo 16mm cameras

Good wiki reference about the 70 Filmo cameras.  All have windup mechanisms unless modified.  Some have motor input to drive the mechanism with an external motor.  There is a model with a digital resettable footage counter.  There is also the HR model with provision for external 400' magazines.

16mm 100' at 24fps is about 3 minutes.  The Filmo can easily do 1m on a winding when it is good shape, giving three 1 minute takes.  A lot of film work works around this limitation in the pacing of action and scenes.

I have probably 15 of these need to document them.

Main Models:
  • 70A - First introduced 1923/4, one of the first 16mm cameras. Black, single C mount for lens, dual perf sprockets. Speed governor on front (8-16 or 16-32 fps).
    $40 eBay 8/2005
  • 70B - Introduced 1925. High speed version 128 fps
  • 70C - Introduced 1928, first turret model.
  • 70D - Introduced about 1930. Improved "revolving drum" variable angle viewfinder, 7 filming speeds introduced (8 to 64 fps)
  • 70DA - Introduced about 1931. The first "modern" Filmo - mechanically. Speed governor moved into clockwork mechanism. Parts mostly interchangable from now on. Critical focusing screen added. Black or brown, single or dual perf sprockets.
    $40 eBay 8/2005
  • 70DL - Introduced 1940's. Improved positive 3 lens viewfinder on small turret. Brown, single perf.
    $60 eBay 8/2005
  • 70DR - Introduced early/mid 1950's. 3 lens viewfinder turret geared to 
  • main lens turret. Brown, single perf. The state of the art in rugged American 16mm technology of its day, this is the model to get.
    $100 eBay 8/2005
  • 70E - Introduced about 1935. Cheaper version of DA without turret
    $40 eBay 8/2005
  • 70H - Able to accept 400' magazines and external electric motor
    $60 eBay 8/2005
  • 70HL - 400' magazine/ext. motor version of DL
    $100 eBay 8/2005
  • 70HR - 400' magazine/ext. motor version of DR
    $150 eBay 8/2005
  • 70KRM - Military version of 70HR. Military green.
    $79 8/2016
  • 70SSR - High speed model
  • Eyemo and Filmo Manuals can be found at the NCS Products Site:

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