Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Celestron Nexstar GT with Astromaster tripod.

This is a tripod / nextstar mount made up from a few different pieces.  Basic mision is to carry a Nikon camera and lens and guide photos.  It won't be for long exposures, but for timelapse.

Also I have enough to mount a 5" F/5 on it, but it remains to be seen if it is going to be able to carry that.  The next larger 8" mount may be required to really carry the 5" mainly for clearance.

However the dovetail is compatable with a set of 7" rings and a crossbar that will mount the 5".

This would be very light for any photography of either type, but much easier to take out and set up quickly.

Tripod with Nextstar head installed

Nextstar head on legs, with original Astromaster
The original basic tripod head is on the Nexstar carrier, which is fitted to the legs.  Note that the original tripod head is maybe 1" smaller in diameter than the original.  This will make a more narrow stance w/o adjusting the eyepiece tray higher.

The tripod and head set up

With the guidance pad.  
 There is plenty of room to move the eyepiece tray up a bit.  It may be stressed higher with a wider stance, and break.  The eyepiece tray and the three spanners are all plastic.
This is a stock photo of the original Astromaster

The head

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