Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sparcbook 3

This is the latest Tadpole system acquired from the fellow with some bits of this hardware.

I looked and found that there is an adapter for the Macs for the SCSI from something called HD-30 to SCSI2.  SCSI2 is what the 50 pin connector is now called.  I'm guessing it will be single ended, so should be able to use a Sparc 411 box, and a Plextor CD drive to install it.

This is equivalent to a Sparcstation 5, and is probably the fastest system likely to be had as a laptop by my collecting parameters (cheap, bargain).

Battery in nice shape

HD-30 Scsi Port can be seen at the left

Not sure if this is original to any Sparcbook.
The other sparcbooks somewhat wider and shorter supplies that are marked with a Sparcbook legend.  This appears to be the correct supply parameters, but not original to the sparcbook.  May be a sign the guy is running out of sparcbooks to sell. All of mine are coming from the same seller.

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  1. Jim Could you post photos of your Sparcbook 3GX ram the one with 128Mb ram... mine only has 32Mb as 2x16Mb simms the max it will take with normal low profile simms is supposed to be 64Mb. But it seems you have the rare proprietary ram upgrade It would be nice to have high res photos of the ram so it might be possible to reverse engineer it.