Friday, June 13, 2014

Sparcbook3gx and Sparcbook 3000xt by Tadpole

This is two Tadpole's with 128mb of memory, one battery between them.

I have not pulled the battery from the unit to look at the connection.  I hope there is a chance the battery people on El Toro can rebuild the battery, and maybe find a connector to build a second one.

There is a single ended connector on the back, so it will be possible to run these w/o any disk caddys.  It will be more cool to have a disk carrier, and hopefully a scsi to CF converter that will mate up with whatever connector this thing took on a scsi disk.

Disk cavity

Side of 3GX

Bootup Screen on 3GX

Power Supply detail.  One came with each unit 12vdc, center pin hot

Photo from auction

Battery is shot, but holds up the system for maybe 10 seconds after power is pulled

Power supply photo from auction.

3000xt from auction



    The scsi2sd powerbook adapter there fits in my sparcbook 3gx .. I haven't gotten around to installing anything on it though. the prom can prob it and get the drive name and such though... so it looks promising.

    It should be as fast as a real disk as well I think not to mention much much larger... Also from what I understand the aztechmonster CF adapter on ebay does not work in sparcbooks.

    Its a bit expensive but... not much other option for an easy to use disk converter. The CF adapters all seem to require very specific types of CF cards.

  2. Bleh... lost my comment logging in so here goes again.

    SCSI2SD doesn't currently work with SD cards that have large erase blocks (so anything at all above 8GB or so) And for the smaller cards you probably want to get a fast sandisk card as others likely have too high latency and will cause timouts on the scsi controller if the disk is read/write.

    Anyway I still want to get a look at those 128MB ram modules! :) I should know more about the SCSI2SD progress in a week or two I'm hoping to have a 32-64Gb SD Card in mine sooner or later.

    1. Did you get any update on SCSI2SD? I'd be curious to hear. Just was perusing comments, they don't come to a place I see them unless I go on the hunt.