Monday, May 12, 2014

English Electric Valve Thyratron, CX1140LD by e2v Technologies

I recently bought a prettier one of these than the one which is in this post from a couple of years ago.

I suspected at the time I got the original that it was probably damaged, and the condition of the newly acquired one would seem to suggest that is the case.

Here is the original tube CX1622:

and here is the "new" one CX1140LD:

The original one has fly leads, but is basically the same tube.

Here is a short spec sheet on the tube:

The spec sheet shows it runs at 33kv @ 1.25A.  Not static electricity.  It is rated to handle 1000a spikes.

Spec sheet for CX1140 tube

Spec sheet for CX1622 tube

Flyer about e2v technologies Thyatrons

Safety sheet about Thyatrons, showing one of these tubes

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