Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Cincinatti Millacron 900-v2 Backplane

This is a backplane for a Cincinatti Millacron CNC control computer.  It contains a licensed copy of the Microdata 1600 built by CM.  It was used in a variety of machine tools by CM.  I have seen it used in a mill at least.

The name of this control was Acramatic.  Acramatic applies to a variety of control system designs by CM.  I am not familiar with their user interface of designs to know how they evolved them, but the 1600 was gradually evolved by CM.

The original 1600 they used had a standard Microdata cpu set, firmware board, used 8, 16, and 32k cores.  Most of the Ampex and CDC 32k x 9 memories are from the CM controls, and sell for considerably more because the tools as still in use.

CM replaced the original 1600 with an enlarged cpu set, integrating higher integrated DIP technology, and early PAL parts, etc.  The firmware moved onto that design from being on a separate card.

Next to go was the memory, with core being replaced by mos memory board.

Finally the design replaced the 1600's backplane, cardcage and formfactor, and went to bitslice designs though perhaps still retained some compatability of function.

Still need to study the backplane to see what parts of the backplane zones are common with the 1600.

Overall View of board

Probable front panel and cpu zone

2901 version of the board, carrying the firmware for the 2901's on the cpu board.

3-351-3859a cpu

3-351-3859a cpu

Firmware for 1600 version of the cpu

900 V2 card cage with cards

backplane exposed in a system

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