Sunday, May 15, 2016

Volo 2 small PC (damaged)

This is the result of a lithium battery failure in progress.  I'm afraid to open the bags, and am not sure how to dispose of the things.  I fear if they are put into the recycle trail unwatched they will just be a source of detonation.

I trimmed off the leads nearst the batteries as possible, and there is still a small sensor board soldered to the battery terminals I need to figure out how to get off.

Battery has forced the enclosure open.  top is actually thin glass

View of top showing gap and original system enclosure

Top removed showing battery

Circuit board is forced up.  System still works.

More direct view of the bow forced into the circuit

The battery is like two balloons blown up.

This is the nomenclature on the battery

lengthwise view of the bulged battery

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