Friday, March 11, 2016

Honeywell 6180 system maintenance panel.

Maintenance panel for a Honeywell 6180 Multics system.

Original listing of the panel set is on the Multicians Yahoo group photos.  They will be included below as well, for those who don't have that access.  The album is closed to any but members.

If you look at the collection there may have been dual processors, with two like panels for the processor element.

These are perspective adjusted views of three parts of the panel.

The Yahoo group photos of the entire grouping.

 Oddly enough I didn't see a panel in the collection with three scrolls as the rear photo of this panel shows.

Black control panel


Panel one

Panel 2
Maintenance Panel in my posession

The whole group

Update 2/3/2017  More photos from the original listings on Ebay

Note: The photos in my original capture of photos included a 3 scroll rear photo, but none were apparently published at that time with three scroll wheels.  The place this set was found had the front of the three scroll panel.

Detail of rear of three scroll panel

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