Sunday, November 22, 2015

PDP 8 system

Main Cabinet rear view

Physiologic system rear bay view

Grayson-Stadler Physiologic Monitor

Main bay

Selected board inventory.

M8342    LP8E    Centronics printer control (replaces M8329)
M8331    TA8E DECassette system interface
M8655    terminal control
M8650    teletype control (asynchronous data control)
M7104    RK05 disk controller
M863      DR8E    12 Channel Buffered Digital I/O
A008       probably an analog board of some kind
M860      programmable real-time clock
M518      DK8EP    Lab Programmable Real Time Clock (requires M860)
M837      memory extension and time share
M847      8E bootstrap loader
M8300    major registers
M8341    extended arithmetic element multiplexers and timing
M8340    extended arithmetic element decoder and step counter
M8330    timing generator

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