Friday, September 11, 2015

PDP 11 backplane. new project

Column A

Column B

Column C
Orange wire goes to the pin next to SSPARE3 on the 10 pin connector block.
Column D

Power connector

+ 12 + 5, grounds, and -12 power connectors on a "berg" type strip.

Overall view (Plus an After the Battle)
Now need to figure out what backplane this is.  From what I've seen on Ebay from the same seller, this may be a small LSI 11/03 system backplane, since a cpu card + memory card is now listed for sale.  Hopefully can snag that and have a nice little system with what I've got.

This is a backplane for what appears to be an H9270 PDP 11/03 system.

See page 136 of this manual

Page 136, H9270 backplane and cage

Backplane signal list from Appendix B page 1

Below with E.1, Basic Daisy chain is a single system layout.

below is the single backplane as well as a two backplane lashup.

Pin assignments



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