Monday, December 29, 2014


A recent addition is an F2AS body, a DS1 EE aperture control.  Also an MD3 motor.

I had an F2 built up in the early 70s like this and carried some combination for a few years.  I'm still looking for a cheap MD1 or MD2 motor, but this MD3 motor set showed up at a reasonable price compared to others over the Christmas week.

F2AS, 55 F1.2, MD3

rear view showing MD-3

Above shows the F2AS with the DS-1 installed.

Seller sold the DS-1 with the box matching the serial of the unit inside.  Original sale price marked at $444, which fits with what I had to pay back in the day.

I think I had $1500 bucks into a new unit and was lucky to get out of it for what I had in it at the time after carrying it for a while.

DS-1 seems to move with a fresh battery purchased with new stock.  new battery is NMH, rather than NiCad which means it carries 330 mah rather than 220 mah that the original NiCad could hold.

I'm not sure I'll pick up the charger, since it is way over prices as a curio.  The battery isn't too hard to charge with a current limited bench supply, and I have the curves for charging the thing.  I may see about making a 4.5v current limited supply to charge it.

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