Tuesday, April 23, 2013


This seems to be a device implemented with a 486 integrated part, and intel architecture.  It has 16 uarts + networking to make a term server.

The system boots off of a 128mb CF part.  Possibly embedded linux.  Will have to dig out a CF dongle and image the part.

Looks like after some searching that the chip might be similar to this
The zfmicro people seem to be the ones who had the machZ chip used in this sytem.  The part dates to around 2000 when linux was just starting to climb into legitimacy.

Look like the documentation for the SCS 1620 is here for now.  Will have to archive it for future use.


It appears that Lantronix had a line of bridging gizmos around the time of the MachZ part's intro, which did things like ethernet to serial, and the like.  This is such a product with a specific use.

Compact Flash and network chip


System Ram

Some sort of flash (bios?)

16 ports worth of serial I/O shifters

near the modem slot, maybe an ISA I/O chip?

Power on board

Overall.  Dual P/S are nice

rear edge view.

idiot blacked out info.  16 ports, net, serial common port

Power supplies

Flash chip for the system Version 03.12

Legend next to some jumpers and ports

More options

and more options plus crystals

Front panel board

Main processor MachZ X86 PC

THE Power Solutions


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