Sunday, October 14, 2012

Photometrics Coolsnap cameras

One camera is a coolsnap K4, which is a 2048 x 2048 x 12 bit cooled camera.

Second camera is a coolsnap camera, color, 1024 x 765 x 12 bit color.

the color camera can be read out with raw bayer array, or read out by a program that combines the array into a color snap.

Many thanks to my friend Dan Goldstein for the K4 camera.

test images will be found here.

Two test lenses were used with the photos.  The wide field one is shot with a Bell & Howell / Angineaux 10mm flat field short focus 16mm camera lens.  The full field lens in the images in these photos are shot with a Sony TV 25mm F1.8 lens.

If you consider the following approximation from cameras:

50mm  "normal" for 35mm format image plane
25mm  "normal for 16mm format image plane  (11m x 6mm)

Coolsnap K4 is 15mm square or a 21mm diagonal format.  However the format of a camera frame is 3 x 4 5 diagonal.  taking the 21mm dimension as the 3 dimension this format is akin to a 25mm diagonal format camera frame.  The normal lens for that would be 17mm.

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