Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lindberg GT-200 model kit

These are photos of both the kit I have, and one previously on epay.

first, the box with my kit

Partially built up kit
following are a partially built model, not as far along as the one I got

 the bottom left part usually has the top part of the molding broken due to an injection molding problem.  of the SC100's I have 2 are broken two are not.
 interior parts

 the sprue's have a lot of parts still mounted on this kit from epay

Another kit, even more pristine

 why do they alwasy mess with the engine
more GT-200 material

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  1. I remember saving what seemed to be a HUGE amount of money to buy this kit when I was 10 or 11. I was then completely disappointed with the kit's crappy engineering, particularly the "suspension". The chrome-plated suspension pieces were so weak that I remember assembling the front A-arms with the "metal coil spring suspension", and then watching as the A-arms snapped when I pushed down lightly to see the suspension work! And for the record, styrene half-shafts do not work as power transmission devices. Not to mention the massive difference between the box art with its sexy integrated rollbar/spoiler and slick little windshield, and what you actually got--the UGLY bubble canopy thing, and no rollbar/spoiler. The only cool part of the kit was the metal-flake plastic body; the rest was garbage. Still remember it 50 years later and not fondly.