Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Adds Envoy portable Terminal

This is essentially a portable Adds 580 terminal.  It does have a builtin accoustic coupler, which probably works with 110 and 300 baud 103 dialup modem protocols.

Since this has been around the LA area for probably 40 years, it is interesting that the filter material on the back isn't powdered.  I will remove and replace it.

Photos from ebay sale ended 5/30/2016

As nice a specimen of this terminal as I've seen.



  1. Hi , is there any possible that I can buy this terminal ??
    My email = jewu8210@gmail.com

  2. Sorry this is an extremely rare unit. I was luck to replace one I had which was stolen.

    Also this unit is the equivalent of the Adds 580 terminal in function and other than a laptop with a serial port and program it's the only actual Adds I have remaining.

  3. Hi Jim,
    Might I ask if it would be possible to purchase that ADDS Envoy you've pictured? I've been hoping to find one for years as it holds great sentimental value for me because of my connection with its production over 40 years ago. I would be most happy to hear how much you would be asking for it including delivery to Connecticut. Thank you.

  4. Forgot: You can write me at seraya7227@aol.com.